#99 Ray Youssef - From homeless to Money, Paxful & Solving real problems


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Ray Youssef, co-founder of Paxful, is a serial entrepreneur. He has had 11 failed startups since he started his entrepreneurial journey. At one point, his life savings were gone and he was homeless on the streets of California. He met his fellow co-founder, Estonian native Artur Schaback, in similar circumstances. Both were trying to rebuild their lives and the opportunity that is Bitcoin offered them an idea. Paxful was born, a peer-to-peer Bitcoin marketplace which offers 300+ different ways to buy Bitcoin without the need for banks or intermediaries. Paxful is like the uber of banking, or rather for the unbanked.

Besides business, Ray has a big heart for charity. The hashtag ‘#BuiltbyBitcoin’ is his baby. He uses Bitcoin for social good, some of his charitable work include building schools with clean water and electricity.

Links to some of his projects: https://www.cnbc.com/video/2018/01/23/this-bitcoin-exchange-wants-to-build-100-schools-in-africa.html https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/paxful-to-build-second-rwanda-school-in-builtwithbitcoin-charitable-initiative-835084101.html



Link to Paxful: https://paxful.com/

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