After the Gridiron: Interview With Retired Canadian Football League Player James Yurichuk


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James enjoyed an 8 year career in the CFL playing with the BC Lions and Toronto Argos. Inspired by watching his older brother, he started playing football once he got to high school. He didn’t think of football as a potential career until his grade 12 year when he excelled on the field and got attention from schools across the country. He decided to go to Bishop’s University where he would get a chance to spread his wings and have some independence. There was a lot of talent at the school which showed in the number of players drafted from the team. His draft day experience was great having his family with him as he got the call from BC as the 4th pic in the draft. But as he put it, that’s when the real work started. Going to an established team like the Lions makes it tough to earn a spot on the team, even for a 1st round selection. The stresses of training camp even led him to dust off his bible for some encouragement and inspiration! He did make the team and enjoyed 4 seasons with them which included winning a Grey Cup in 2011. Having the chance to play at home, he signed with the Argos as a free agent. That was kind of the genesis of his after football life. His girlfriend at the time, who comes from sunny Brazil, would need some outerwear to endure the winter cold of Toronto. Not being able to find something satisfactory, he actually made her a jacket! That was the start of what is now Wuxly Movement. Being an animal lover, the apparel is made animal free and manufactured right here in Canada. For more information on James and Wuxly Movement go to the links below which include the website and his social media links as well.

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