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Leeor Engelstein is the owner of Full Conceal Manufacturing & Founder/Owner of Solvent Traps USA, both right here in Las Vegas. Full Conceal is best known for their foldable handgun, which requires a Concealed Carry Permit (CCW) to own. Solvent Traps USA is a firearm cleaning system that is designed to capture cleaning solvent in order to be disposed of efficiently, which also requires a E1-Form approval to own.
Leeor is originally from California and moved to Las Vegas in 2011. After graduating from Cal State Northridge with an undergrad degree in Poly Sci, he went on to take & pass his LSAT, which is required to get into Law School. Upon reassessing what he wanted to do with his life Leeor passed on the opportunity to become a lawyer and followed a passion of his in the gun industry. Leeor knocked on the door of Full Conceal and found himself hired days later. After 4 years he owns his own branch of Full Conceal and is now beginning his second venture with Solvent Traps USA.
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  • Intro & Opening Conversation (0:00)
  • Who is Leeor Engelstein? (6:40)
  • Freedom? But at what cost.. (15:12)
  • Full Conceal: The Foldable Gun (29:19)
  • Manufacturing Guns & Solvent Traps (38:01)
  • The Las Vegas Weapons Industry & Where it's Headed (49:38)
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset (57:23)
  • The Pillars of Society (1:06:21)
  • 2 Questions & How to Get Connected (1:18:50)

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