103: ShallowFakes - Mimed GuitarPro, Sped Up Videos & 'Improvised' Jams


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Everything is fake these days. In the 90s all we had to worry about was Thom Yorke and his plastic trees, but today it’s the news, the deep...and now, worst of all...we’ve got fake guitar playing on the Gram. So the guys convene to tackle the recent hubbub of mimed, sped up shred vids and the community response to it.

The discussion then turns to a more interesting subtler shade of grey: ‘Jam’ videos with composed solos either explicitly passed off as improvised or implied to be improvised. Guess who’s passions are high on this one 😹

This is a great episode with strong debate tackling the important blurry boundaries between writing, improvisation, presentation, perception and preservation of image. What do you think? Let us know via email, facebook or indeed Instagram!

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