86: #1 Source of Passive Income for Busy Entrepreneurs with Jennifer Dopazo


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I see this happen all of the time.

Hell, I experienced it first-hand myself -- you’re a few years into the business and find yourself busy all of the time. You become a professional whack-a-mole player and an expert fire-putter-outer.

You want to scale your business and increase your revenue, but you’re too damn exhausted to even think about it!

My guest today, Jennifer Dopazo, is going to talk about creating passive income (the TOP way, in fact!) in a way that doesn’t leave you feeling depleted - but instead reignites your spark.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Advice to entrepreneurs who find the thought of ‘niching down’ scary
  • How processes develop confidence
  • The importance of evaluating and testing what you ‘should’ be doing as an entrepreneur
  • Why it’s okay to grow apart from clients
  • What is passive income and some important questions to ask yourself when creating your own passive income stream?
  • Recommendations to people who are struggling with a passive income idea
  • Why does Jennifer believe membership sites are the top source of passive income?
  • The steps people can take to launch a membership site as well as ongoing maintenance tips for membership sites

Jennifer is the owner of multimedia design studio Candelita and a 3-time American Graphic Design Award winner.

Like many entrepreneurs, Jennifer got caught up in the never-ending list of all the things that a good business owner “should” be doing -- setting up passive income sources, following experts’ latest marketing advice, and blogging weekly.

But the more she followed someone else’s blueprint, the more she lost touch with the passion and creativity that fueled her design business.

It wasn’t until she started interviewing creative entrepreneurs for her web series passion-project that she realized there's more than one way to build a successful business!

Learn more about membership sites by heading to Jennifer’s blog.

Instagram: @candelitalab

Twitter: @Candelitalab

Website: candelita.is


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