93: Leaving Toxicity to Pursue Your Mission With Rachel Day


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Toxic environments are well, toxic.

There is perceived safety in sticking around - after all, it’s an environment that you’ve always known and the financial security is sometimes enough to keep you there.

But what happens when the toxicity consumes you? What happens when you’re brought to a fork in the road and have to choose between staying, or pursuing your own mission.

Today, we’re talking with Dr Rachel Day about leaving toxic situations to pursue the bold, audacious dream and mission that your heart is calling you to.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What led Dr Rachel to quit her 350k+ salary with benefits to take out a 6-figure business loan and open her dream practice?
  • The power of choice when you find yourself in a toxic situation
  • How you can be a really great mom and also a badass business owner simultaneously
  • How a part of being gutsy is also seeking help
  • Dr Rachel’s #1 secret to success!
  • When life forces you to stop and pause, what does this mean?
  • Tapping into getting to know your true self
  • Advice to people on protecting their energy and setting necessary boundaries
  • Why processes and organization are paramount to building a strong foundation for sustainable business

Dr Day is the founder and CEO of OneSkin Dermatology, a full-service dermatology practice with expertise in medical, cosmetic and surgical treatment of skin diseases. The practice has a holistic and wellness focus with preventative care - education, screening, and maintenance are huge!

She also owns and operates the Good Life Apothecary in downtown Chambersburg and has a social mission to support and advocate equity in her community.
She’s a wife and mama to three beautiful children.

To schedule an appointment with OneSkin Dermatology, click HERE

Click HERE to learn more about The Good Life Apothecary in downtown Chambersburg, PA
Instagram: @lovemyoneskin

Website: oneskinderm.com

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Website: LauraAura.com

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