96: How to Repurpose Your Content With Rosa Sarmento


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You have a shit ton of content. If you look back at all the videos, posts, website content, and marketing materials you’ve created over the years, you’d quickly realize that you’re not short on content – you’re short on time.

I know you’d love to do more with it, but how can you efficiently repurpose content to grow your business?

I brought in content specialist and digital nomad, Rosa Sarmento, to explain how you can repurpose your content, save time, and grow your reach.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Rosa talks about how she nestled into her niche of podcast management and content repurposing
  • What is content repurposing and how does it help working entrepreneurs show up more consistently, but also work less?
  • What is typically the point in an entrepreneur's journey when it's time to outsource someone like you and your team?
  • Advice to people who want to outsource but are worried about their content not sounding like them or feeling like them
  • Can you still repurpose content if you don’t have audio or video content?
  • How many online platforms are recommended for small business owners? Do you really need to be on them all?
  • What are some of the biggest issues that you see female entrepreneurs facing when they want to launch a podcast?
  • A brief overview of the process involved in launching a podcast

Rosa is a podcast manager and content strategist who has been living the work from home dream, visiting 16 countries and counting.

Ideablossoms is a small agency that focuses on making podcasting simple. No more hours of planning, recording, and editing. Rosa and her team work with coaches and course creators who already have tons of content and are ready to scale their business but don’t have the time or capacity to.

To learn more about the online course, 90 Day VA, watch this masterclass

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