97: How to Write And Publish a Book With Marti Statler


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You’ve been feeling the tug to write a book. You’re excited about your idea and the idea of people around the world reading your words… but then the ‘overwhelm truck’ hits you.

How do you start? What if it sucks? How the hell do I get published?

Have no fear – I’ve brought in Marti Statler, the book queen herself, to share her knowledge and tips on how to write and publish your book.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why Marti feels like ‘there is a book inside of everyone’
  • What are the biggest obstacles stopping people from writing a book?
  • Advice to aspiring authors who have the fear that ‘it’s already been done before’
  • How your book can be repurposed into eight different pieces of content
  • What is the value of a business owner writing a book?
  • The process of writing a book when you have no fucking clue where to start
  • Is ‘writer's block’ a real thing?
  • The publishing process and the different types of publishing options out there
  • What’s the deal with royalties?
  • Some benefits of going the traditional publishing route
  • Tips on how to market your book?

Marti Statler, Owner and Founder of Rebel Queen, has 12 years of publishing experience (over 200 books!), and a major entrepreneurial spirit.

She works primarily with women entrepreneurs to write, publish, and market their books at any stage of their process. Her "no BS" approach to publishing and problem-solving—along with her tenacity to make things happen—is exactly why you want her in your corner to bring your message to the world.
Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

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Website: rebelqueen.co


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