Powerback 77: Establish your Employer Brand


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I think business is a lot like life in many facets.

You get into business and you start doing things – then people start having these expectations of how you and your business should move along this imaginary line:

  • When are you hiring?
  • When are you going to get a location?
  • When are you expanding?
  • When are you making a fancier website?

I’m here to say, “Fuck the line. Everyone’s line is different.’

We have so much access to what other brands are doing that it can be very easy to dilute what it is that we want.

This week I would like you to take your Powerback™ by reclaiming your own space in business and really establishing what you want as a brand:

  • How do you want to run things?
  • Do you want more time off?
  • How do you want things to look and feel?
  • What is your company culture?
  • What services offerings are depleting your time and energy.
  • Can you let go of tasks that no longer serve you and ask for help?

My friends let me remind you that you started a business to be more in control of your life. And I know firsthand how easy it can be to slide off that path.

So, this is your opportunity to take you Powerback™. This is your opportunity to reclaim your time, money, and energy. Because just in case you forgot: You are the boss. You get to make the decisions. You get to pivot when necessary.
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