Powerback 79: Create Your Self-Love Routine


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Self-love comes in many shapes and sizes.

But it’s not always fun and easy.

Self-love requires shadow work and let’s be honest, nobody likes thinking about and working through all of their bullshit.

But when you allow yourself to dig deep and reflect inward, that's where the true healing happens. That's where the magic starts to unfold. That's where you can recognize what longer serves you.

This week I want you to take your Powerback™ by creating your Self-Love Routine. These are simple things that you can infuse into your daily life to make yourself feel better.

This could be:

  • Sticking a post-it note on your mirror with encouraging messages.
  • Printing out some testimonials from your clients that make you feel amazing.
  • Stretching for three minutes as soon as you get out of bed.
  • Practicing yoga or meditation for a couple of minutes each day.
  • Getting outside.
  • Listening to your favorite soundtrack on your way to work.

Look, self-love can be simple. Self-love doesn't have to be this total reset where you rearrange your entire life.

Self-love is in the subtle things that you do for yourself instead of to yourself.


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