Powerback 84: Shifting the Conversations You Have With Yourself


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This week’s Powerback™ is all about shifting those thoughts, those feelings, and those narratives that play over and over in your head.

And this first begins with awareness.

For the next 24 hours, or the 16 hours that you’re awake, I want you to recognize every single time you say something negative about yourself - you can say them out loud or you can write them down.

Then I want you to take your Powerback™ by changing these narratives:

  • Is it true that you’re ugly? (NO!)
  • Is it true that you suck at business? (HECK NO!)
  • Is it true that everyone else is so much further ahead than you, so that means you’re a failure? (ABSOLUTELY NOT!)

When you have these negative conversations with yourself, you’re hindering your ability to step fully, authentically and audaciously into exactly who you are meant to be.

You’re blocking yourself!

So remember, what you say to yourself really does matter because even though these words are silent, they can be so fucking loud - and that alone is power!


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