Powerback 91: Evaluate and Rewrite Your Self-Worth


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This week’s Powerback™ episode is about evaluating and rewriting your self-worth!

  • Self-worth is knowing who you are and saying YES to yourself!
  • Self-worth is knowing what you want to charge and having the gutsy to charge it!
  • Self-worth is knowing what you LOVE to do and doing more of that thing that lights you up!
  • Self-love is knowing when to say no instead of just going with the flow because you don’t want to upset people!

Look, self-worth is probably one of the biggest challenges that I know female entrepreneurs struggle with.

And I’m not saying that you’re never going to have negative thoughts -- it’s impossible to always be fucking sunshine and rainbows. But there is a difference between having a weak or negative moment, and choosing to stay there!

So this week, I challenge you to evaluate your self-worth by asking yourself,

  • Where are you holding back?
  • Where are you showing up as a percentage of yourself versus the full fucking throttle?

Because that is a key indicator of an area where you have some opportunity to take your Powerback™.


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