Powerback 94: Brainstorm Your High Ticket Offer


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Today, I want to encourage you to take your Powerback™ by playing in the space of ‘what if!’

  • What if I charged what I truly wanted?
  • What if I started to attract dream clients from around the globe that were eager, happy and over the moon excited to work with me?

Now we're not worried about, ‘HOW this is going to happen’.

What we are solely and unapologetically focused on is, ‘WHAT would your high ticket offer be?’ $2,000? $10,000? $50,000? $100,000?

Whether you're ready to take the next step and implement this or not, is irrelevant. But what I'd like you to do is to get a sticky note and write that dollar amount down.

Put that shit on your computer, on your mirror, on your refrigerator, on your wine bottle, on your coffee pot… wherever you see it and look at these posts every single day!

Really start to embody the energy that this money is calling for you; embody the abundance because, my friend, if you're seeing it, and you're feeling it, it's already yours!

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