#22 Audience-driven product development (in-between-a-sode)


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Today’s episode is what we like to call an in-between-a-sode. There are a few days left of the applications for our program, The Side Project Accelerator, so I wanted to quickly discuss one of the core philosophies we teach in the program - audience-driven product development.

This is the methodology that Sagi and I developed and used to build Hacking UI. We believe that this methodology works extremely well for side projects and can ensure that you will come away from each project with a new asset.

In The Side Project Accelerator, we guide you through how to start building your audience, establish your personal brand and get yourself out there - all so you can ensure success with your side project. The next batch starts on November 13th, and If you’d like to join applications are due by November 10th. You can find out more on sideprojectaccelerator.com or visit Hacking UI.

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