Happy Hour #272: Whitney Capps


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My guest for The Happy Hour # 272 is Whitney Capps. Whitney is a speaker, author, wife, Mom and friend. Her favorite assignment is wife to Chad, and mom to Cooper, Dylan, Ryder and Tate. Her book, Sick of Me, and her bible study curriculum, We Over Me were released in early 2019. Additionally, Whitney is the founder of Simple Seminary and speaks with Proverbs 31 Ministries.

Alright you guys, get ready to be fired up and excited after the show today, and maybe grab a pen and notebook too because Whitney shares so many words of wisdom! Whitney and I dive right in and talk about finding and using your spiritual gifts, whether that's for 4 people or 4,000. We discuss the often overlooked spiritual discipline of silence and solitude and listening for the Holy Spirit. I loved our discussion on what biblical community is supposed to be. "The end game is to help me live and look and love like Jesus" - yes, friend, yes! We also chat about how self-help can leave us feeling frustrated instead of sanctified and bearing fruit. At the end of the show we get to hear more about Simple Seminary, which I am so excited about! Go check it out and The Happy Hour Listeners get early access to the Winter 2020 class, plus a bonus teaching, and Christmas lock screen for your phone!

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