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My guest for The Happy Hour #362 is the wonderful Faitth Brooks. Faitth Brooks is a writer, speaker and anti-racism educator. Faitth also works as the director of programs on Be The Bridge, and is also the host of the Melanated Faith Podcast. Faith currently resides in Atlanta, GA.

Y’all. I am so very excited to share this conversation with you, and am beyond thankful for Faitth’s willingness to be both vulnerable in her experiences and gracious in educating us on Black History. In today’s episode, we answer questions like “What is the big deal with Black History month?” and “Why is it important to learn about it?” I’ll admit that I was uninformed as a high-schooler in understanding Black history, and I’m so grateful for people like Faitth who explain why it is SO important for Black people to share life from their point of view - and how much more important it is for us to love them by actively listening. I really appreciated when she said “When it comes to loving people and people of color, allow us to show up as our full selves…” It sounds like it’s such a small ask, but it is truly so profound. I hope this challenges us to lay down our pride, listen to and engage with people’s experiences and resist the urge to apply one person’s story to an entire people group. It’s not always easy and it’s certainly uncomfortable, but WOW is it worth it to love people the way Jesus has called us to.

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