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My guest for The Happy Hour #367 is Christy Nockels. Christy Nockels is an author, worship leader and singer-songwriter with a passion to help others understand how to communicate with God. Her podcast, The Glorious in the Mundane, inspires listeners to find the wonder of God at work in their everyday moments. She also just released her first book, The Life You Long For.

I cannot believe Christy has never been on The Happy Hour but I’m SO thankful we finally made it happen! In today’s episode, we talk about preparing to launch our kids into adulthood, inviting the glorious into the mundane, and the importance of rest. Christy also dives into this idea of surrendering the outer rings of our life to God and living from the bullseye instead. We sometimes feel this need to manage our lives because not knowing can make us restless. But I love when Christy says “That’s life with God - it’s the mystery rather than us managing. It’s the supernatural principles of His word and they actually work.” This conversation was so needed for me - it’s always a great reminder to know what God can do in our lives if we just surrender.

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