HLP104: On the As to your Qs about Your Money Personality, Managing Money and Juggling Money Priorities


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Episode 104: Q&A

On the As to Your Qs - About Your Money Personality, Managing Money, and Juggling Money Priorities

For the next few weeks will be doing all Q&A episodes to answer your most frequently asked questions, newly revamped interview episodes will start back up mid-January. Send me your questions! Email: okeoma@thehappylawyerproject.com, DM me on instagram: instagram.com/thehappylawyerproject, voicemail:thehappylawyerproject.com

On this month's Q&A episode I address the following listeners' questions:

  1. How much money should i have in my emergency fund, if paying off my student loans is my priority, should I focus on that before I build up my emergency fund?

  1. How do you handle a windfall, such as a year-end bonus?

  1. Where should I put my savings? I’m saving towards a downpayment for a house that we are hoping to buy within the next two or three years, should I invest this money or put it into a straight savings account?

Join my money book club! In the new year i’ll be starting a money book club with the women in my family, if you’d like to join DM me or email me!


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