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Is sex a skill?

How do we get better at sex if we don’t talk about sex?! This week’s electric guest is the wonderful Jenny Keane.

Jenny is a professionally trained, trauma informed, holistic sex educator and Tantra yoga teacher. A crusader for self love through self exploration and pleasure, Jenny is on a mission to ignite a sexual revolution in Ireland!

“If you want to change the way that you live, change the way that you have sex… Because the way that you show up in bed is more than likely the way you show up in life.”

A fascinating conversation, that has no boundaries; Jenny takes us through the menstruation difficulties that first brought her down this journey of sexual education; how the contraceptive pill changed her libido and even her sense of smell. We explore how in today’s society we are programmed to put unrealistic expectations on ourselves: sex has become a "performance or obligation”. Finally, we dive deep into how “to live erotically is to live in tune with your body”

As Jenny puts it, “there is no recipe for pleasure”. We are all on our own unique discovery and should not shy away from it. Rather, we should educate ourselves and our children so that they grow up with a healthy understanding of their own bodies and its abilities.

So let’s all try and take some advice from Jenny, Ireland’s sexual revolutionary, and slow down, remove the goal, pay attention, learn to connect with our breathe, body and mind; and most importantly have the right mindset! As “all tips are useless if you don’t have the right mindset first”.

We hope you enjoyed this episode as much as we did, we will be continuing this season with more topics all related to sex and relationships, so stay tuned! Please subscribe and share if you like what you hear.

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Dave & Steve

To find out more about Jenny and her work, check out her site and instagram page @hellojennykeane

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