Simon Hill on The Proof is in the Plants


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What if nutritional information was simple and accessible so that people can make informed decisions about the food they feed themselves and their family? Well, Simon Hill has dedicated a decade to doing just that. Through podcast and website, plant proof, Simon has given a platform to world-renowned doctors and public figures.

During this chat, we learned what happens to the health outcomes of identical twins when they change lifestyles, the potential connection between diabetic dog and diabetic dog owners. Simon also bravely shared the role that a traumatic family incident kickstarted his interest in fighting chronic disease.

This episode is for people who like data, academic studies and want to use evidence based science to make decisions about their health. Lots of insightful anecdotes so grab a pen and notepad!

To find out more about Simon and his work checkout, Plant Proof Podcast and his book, The Proof is in the Plants

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