Episode 34: Benedict College Alumna, Chajuanna "CJ" Gathers


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On this episode, we speak with Chajuanna “CJ” Gathers. She’s a graduate of Benedict College. Chajuanna is a higher ed. professional and the founder of “The W.E. Group” a woman’s empowerment group based in Charleston, SC. Her organization’s purpose is to help provide emotional & spiritual healing, overall wellness, and to promote dreams, visions & goals of women.

During this episode, we discuss her HBCU journey, her career and her impactful organization.


“I don’t care who it is. If another woman is doing something positive, I want to be there. I want to support that.” — Chajuanna Gathers

“You’re going to have these professors that look just like you, that have done what you’ve done, and are now pouring back into you. It’s invaluable.” — Chajuanna Gathers


College Major [15:00]

Corporate World [22:00]

The W.E. Group [28:25- 46:45]

HBCU Experience [47:00]

Advice [54:40]

For more information about The W.E. Group, visit www.TheWEGroup.org

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