Ep 223: From Chronic Fatigue to Thriving Entrepreneur with Lisa McDonald


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Lisa McDonald is the founder and head connector at Integrated Connections. Integrated Connections is an online platform dedicated to healthcare staffing that specializes exclusively in Integrative and Functional Medicine career placements.

She’s the connector of integrative health docs, like me, with our dream jobs. She came into this career after having experienced the benefits of alternative medicine and in this episode of The Health Fix Podcast she’s going to share her story of how she came to support docs like me & how she juggles being a single Mom, a career and her health.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How Lisa went from chronically fatigued to connector of functional medicine docs with their dream careers
  • How meal prep days are vital for busy entrepreneurs
  • How all work & no breaks destroys your health
  • Why putting yourself first is key to sustaining your health

Interested in a career in the Integrative and Functional Medicine industry? Check out Integrated Connections

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