Ep 221: How a Female Entrepreneur Juggles Life, Stress & Fun


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Ever wonder how busy entrepreneurs juggle life, stress & still have time for fun?

Tara Viswanathan is a female entrepreneur and founder of Rupa Health - a company that simplifies speciality lab ordering and coordination. She's known for always laughing and she embraces this in her work and life every day.

🎙️ In this episode of The Health Fix, Dr. Jannine Krause & Tara Viswanathan get real on what it takes to be a female entrepreneur, prevent burnout and still have time for fun!

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

✅ How prioritizing your tasks during the day is key ✅ Why starting your day with solitude is a great way to think & make sense of what’s going on in your head ✅ Why it’s key for entrepreneurs to recognize their body’s signs of overwhelm ✅ How having compassion for yourself is key to keep your mind right when running a business

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