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SIBO Post C-Section, Colonoscopy Prep, Quality of Intestinal Gasses on Probiotics, Practicality of Bulking on Keto, Thoughts on Anti-Histamines?

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1. SIBO Post C-Section [11:39]

Jaimie says:

Hi Robb and Nikki! Love your passion and information for this podcast! I'm looking for some help with diving through the endless research and information on SIBO.

A little background: I'm 34, and in January had my second baby. This time around I had to have a c-section due to a previous abdominal surgery. I have followed a pretty holistic lifestyle for the last 10 years, and typically eat a paleo diet. I couldn't tell you the last time I had antibiotics until this surgery. A week post op my incision ended up getting infected, and I took another round of antibiotics. I'm not one to take pain meds, but did rotate Ibuprofen and tylenol for pain post op.

Of course, this all reeked havoc on my gut. I never had gut issues and started to notice a lot of things changing postpartum. A month ago, I saw a functional med NP who did some labs and I did a stool sample. A few weeks ago we reviewed the results. I have sibo- methane predominant, as well as H. pylori... there were other things like E. coli, parasite(EEEK!), and other digestive enzymes that were off. Basically, the NP said that for right now because I'm breastfeeding I can't really take anything for the SIBO, but to try and just focus on my diet.

Being the perfectionist that I am cannot settle for that :) I've been researching some things on SIBO and came across a podcast by Kresser. They were discussing the supplement ATRANTIL. They discussed some case studies on it and the positives, but I'm curious if you are familiar with this product and what the research says? Also, What are your thoughts on taking this while breastfeeding? Of course it hasn't been studied, but if Nikki had SIBO what would you do? :)

Thanks so much and keep up the great work!

2. Colonoscopy Prep [15:04]

Eric says:

Robb and Nicki,

Thanks for all the hard work you guys put into this community. I have been following Robbs' work for many years now. I did stop eating a whole food diet slowly over the last 6 years. I am getting back into it and love how I am feeling and doing.

On to my questions:

I am scheduled to have a colonoscopy next month. Do you have any recommendations for the prepping for the procedure? I was thinking about using LMNT instead of the sports drink recommendation would this be ok? Also, any recommendations on things I can do after the procedure to improve my gut?

Information about me

40 years of age

5' 10"

225 pounds

3. Quality of Intestinal Gasses on Probiotics [17:59]

Michal says:

Hi Robb!

I've been a huge fan of your as well as your podcast for some 4 months now. Listened to almost all archive talks of yours and read Wired to Eat. The only reason I haven't yet subscrive to the Healthy Rebellion is I'm a loner and don't really dig communities.

The reason I am writing to you is the recent finding of mine. I had a bad gut microba for years. I didn't need any hard research on it, neither did I test it. I just knew it was bad by how I felt all the time not to mention how I felt after eating most things. Bloated, gassy with impossible acidic reflux and often loose stool. I knew I needed to improve my gut health and invested in probiotics (namely NOW's 25B portion). On top of that I also bought myself pickled veggies: a mix of salads, pickled kimchi, pickled carrots and whatnot. To my surprise I am way less bloated, less gassy and with firmer stool. The biggest surprise, however, is the quality of those gases. I am not a fart expert, by any means, but the change is visible. Until I picked up massive ammounts of probiotics, my gasses were frequent, smelly (af) and kind of soft. Like a 'puff' sound. Now they are less frequent and less smelly but more pronounced. They are shorter in duration, a bit louder and, sort of, trumpet like.

It feels great.

My guess is the last thing you want in your email is reading about some guy's in Poland gasses but I thought you might have some insights into this. Is it normal? How come my gasses changed just by adding microbiota and live bacteria to my gut? I'd love to learn more, especially since I heard that gut is being thought of as our second brain (sometimes the first) due to its influence of and regulation over, well, basically everything.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Cheers from Poland.


4. Practicality of Bulking on Keto [27:27]

Alex says:

Dear Robb & Nicki,

-I am male

-29 years old


-probably around 11% body fat (at the time of writing this)

-relatively strong: can squat and pull a little more than 2x bodyweight, strict muscle-ups, etc., etc.

My question is about the efficacy of bulking with a ketogenic diet. I am not currently following a keto diet. I have never done any kind of glucose monitoring, but I'm assuming that I tolerate carbs pretty well because I would not feel noticeably worse if I were to consume a ton of carbs. Now, I would really like to get as jacked as possible, and I hate the traditional bulking and cutting cycle. Robb frequently mentions the Ketogains folks, and I know Luis Villasenor talks about this idea of "gaintaining" - or continually building lean mass, which sounds way more preferable to me even if the progress is dramatically slower than a conventional carb-heavy bulk. I would love to just stay lean year-round and not have to do maintenance and cutting cycles. I understand it is also perhaps a little more challenging to bulk on keto because the food is much more satiating. I've been using the RP Diet app for the past couple of years and I like it a lot actually, I'm pretty happy with my body composition - but if this "gaintaining" thing is a real option I would be seriously interested in trying it. I follow Power Athlete's Jacked Street program and I know John has this "you don't need more carbs than you need" philosophy, but he has also said carbs are pretty much essential for bulking, and that dude knows a thing or two about bulking. With the conventional bulk/cut approach I often feel like I'm taking one step forward and then 9/10 of a step back.

It just occurred to me that I think I forgot to include my bodyweight in my initial question. It's currently about 141 lbs, don't know how relevant that is. My goal is to get down to about 10% body fat so that I can attack this bulk with everything I've got.

P.S. - I LOVED the Salty Talk on the Great Barrington Declaration. I do find what you guys do to be valuable and listening to you on a weekly basis is extremely cathartic. You two are the voices of reason in this absolutely insane time we live in. You've mentioned the mental health consequences of this Covid lockdown many times and I don't know that I could have managed without this podcast. Thank you and keep up the amazing work.



5. Thoughts on Anti-Histamines? [34:35]

Craig says:

Hey Robb and Nicki!

A couple questions on anti-histamines (Benadryl or Zyrtec) for allergies - do they have broader effects on reducing inflammation? Is there a danger around taking antihistamines regularly?

Thanks in advance!


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