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1. Calculating How Much Protein For My Bodyweight [19:52]

Gloria says:

On your last show you talked about having 1 gram of protein for every pound of body weight. Other people say 1 gram for every kg of body weight.

Which is it in your opinion?

Thanks so much!

Keep up the good work. I look forward to your show every week.

2. High Cholesterol and eating more protein [20:56]

Kimberly says:

Hi Love your show. I have been listening since the beginning. Please never stop recording. In the last couple years (since covid hit) I have lost 20 lbs. I have a muscular body type, I am 54 years young , 5'4", weigh 137lbs (post menopausal) workout 5 days a week with crossfit, 1 day Yoga, and walk the dog 2 miles a day. I attribute the weight loss with eating more protein. I now eat almost 120 gms a day where before I probably only got 50-70 if that (did not track) . My protein sources are usually chicken , smoked salmon, tuna, turkey, once a week red meat. I do add pure protein bars (20gms) towards the end of the day when protein levels aren't there yet. I went to the doctor and got bloodwork done and my cholesterol went up. It went from the total 226 to -244, LDL-101 to 131, to HDL-105 to 101, ratio-2.1 to 2.4, Triglycerides-61 to 62 from Sept of 2020 to Sept 2021. ugh I know I should probably ignore it because my ratio seems great and I feel great. For some reason its bugging the crap out of me, how can I lose weight and eat more protein and have the numbers go up? Should I be concerned? Thanks you both rock.

3. Butyrate and Tributyrin for Gut Health [25:37]

Ruby says:

Hi Robb! Long time listener here (yeah! #throwback to Greg days) and current LMNT lover.

I came across a supplement that uses a combination of Tributyrin and Vitamin D, and supposedly promotes a healthy gut, aids in healing leaky gut, helps reduce bloating, improves digestion and vitamin absorption, boots immune system etc. etc. etc. What they say is that Tributyrin has been used in Spain for at least 3 years but is just starting to come to the US. There are some studies on mice but not a ton in humans yet.

I'm just wondering if you've done research on Butyrate/Tributyrin and whether or not you'd suggest experimenting with something like this. I am mostly paleo for about a decade, but my belly pooches out a ton (granted, I've had 2 kids and I'm working on core function), I haven't had consistent bowel movements in months, and while my stress levels are somewhat high because I'm an entrepreneur, I get 7 hours of sleep a night and do my best to keep myself regulated. I've tried probiotics, drink kombucha, try to get resistant starches (hate fermented foods unfortunately) and am pretty well versed in diet/health (thanks in large part to you!). I'm interested in trying out this supplement but very wary of putting anything in my body that is unknown and I can't find much info from people I trust (like you) on this particular topic.

So I guess my question is twofold - what do you know about Butyrate/Tributyrin and also, how to decide what is safe to experiment with?

Thanks so much for dealing with all the BS out there to provide information to all of us.

Tributyrin, a Stable and Rapidly Absorbed Prodrug of Butyric Acid, Enhances Antiproliferative Effects of Dihydroxycholecalciferol in Human Colon Cancer Cells

4. Strength/aerobic/flexibility targets after age 50 [33:26]

Jen says:

Hello Robb and Nicki,

I’m currently working as a health coach in a small clinical study to reverse cognitive impairment with “integrative therapy and lifestyle rehabilitation”.

Can you point us to any reliable strength, aerobic, and flexibility benchmarks for men and women over 50? Ideally, the fitness assessment could be done at home without special equipment.

It could be useful for participants to develop greater awareness of their relative fitness. Some seniors feel great about their occasional walks in comparison to their physically-deteriorated, sedentary peers. But, outside of my health coaching sessions, the doctor will plainly state that just “walking isn’t cutting it.”

For brain health, it could me most therapeutic for them to engage in complex, cognitively challenging physical activities, such as dance, martial arts, or sports (at an appropriate level), and check to see what supplemental exercise is needed to meet cardio, muscular, and flexibility targets.

The fitness assessments I found from the Mayo Clinic seem questionable in that both men and women at age 65 have the exact same target of 10 classic pushups. Does the upper body strength differential between the two sexes really disappear by age 65? I couldn’t find an especially good resource for ages 50-90. For instance, the Fullerton Functional test/Senior Fitness test has arm curls as the best assessment of upper body strength. The presidents challenge at has assessments for students but not elders.

If people want to be physically functional and free from chronic illness at a ripe old age, shouldn't they have be able to look for what needs attention at age 55, 60, 65, etc? I’d so appreciate your thoughts!

With tons of respect and admiration!!

5. Itching after Jiu Jitsu Class [39:47]

Ryan says:

Hi Robb and Nicki,

Big fan of your work!

I’ve been training jiu jitsu (nogi) for about 6 years and absolutely love it… except for the fact that every morning after training I experience uncontrollable itching on my body, predominately my legs, but sometimes all over. I generally train in the evening, so the onset is about 10-12 hours after my session. This has been frustrating to say the least.

I’ve read that this can be a problem for exercisers due to sweat… but that sounds iffy to me, plus I never had an issue with other forms of exercise, just jits.

I’ve tried probiotics and different soap/laundry detergent to no avail. The only thing that semi helps is to shower immediately after the itching begins or sweat it out. Usually subsides after about 30-60 minutes…

Any thoughts?




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