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Can I Ignore This Study, Thoughts and Feedback on IF, LMHR, High Blood Pressure From Salt Consumption, Electrolytes and Long Haul Flights

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1. Can I ignore this study? [19:10] Kat says:

Hi Robb and Nicki,

Your podcast is still one of my favourite podcasts :)

I did post my question on the Healthy Rebellion and had some helpful thoughts from other members but I wondered if it might be an interesting one to discuss on the podcast:

Context: I eat a reasonably high fat meat based diet due to Sjogrens Syndrome having majorly affected my gut. Before I figured out what I could tolerate I lost a lot of weight and was actually warned my heart was under strain and beating too slowly, and I could die if I caught the normal flu. Now I have the weight back on and my heart is back to normal.

So when I read things like this I sort of worry, and then talk myself out of worrying after remembering that mouse models aren't always translatable and so many studies have limitations in other ways.

Any way, here's a discussion of the study. I haven't been able to get access to the full journal article.


Thanks :)

2. Thoughts and Feedback on IF [21:58] John says:

I'm a long time listener and just wanted to give some feed back and thoughts on my own experiences.

Recently you mentioned the mistakes many are making with doing intermittent fasting or one meal a day with muscle loss etc.

I can say from my own experiences as a 49 year old man I tried it and it was magical at first but then I did lose muscle and strength and have gone back to a lower carb paleo/ancestral diet and feel much better. Strength, muscle tone, energy, libido, etc..

I think maybe the intermittent fasting thing has become or taken over from the CR or calorie restriction group with many or all of the usual side effects.

Obviously fasting and intermittent fasting are great tools especially if some one is over weight or diabetic but we can look at fasting in religions and see that there are probably reasons its only certain times of the year.

I don't know just wanted to hear your thoughts and say you as usual were right on.

A recent Harvard study show exercise and not fasting is probably the key to health and longevity.

Who would have thought that eating real food and moving was healthy?



3. LMHR [26:52] Patrick says:

I'm a 42 year old male personal trainer in Texas. I'm 5'8", about 170 pounds and stay at around 5-8% body fat. I've been in pretty much the same shape for about a decade. About 3 years ago I learned about Dave Feldman's work after being denied life insurance for having high cholesterol. Initially I was worried since my total cholesterol had always been around 200, LDL 130 and HDL 80 with low triglycerides. But suddenly my total cholesterol had jumped to 380, LDL to 280 and HDL to 98 still with low triglycerides around 70. The only change to my diet had been to completely cut out all processed sugar and other processed carbs. Up to that point I'd been eating a pretty low carb diet but would still occasionally indulge in ice cream or something my wife baked. But after reading Nina Teicholz, Wired to Eat, Gary Taubes, etc, I wanted to see what a year with absolutely no cheating would feel like. About 4 months into this experiment I saw my cholesterol had skyrocketed and learned that I was an LMHR. This of course sent me on a journey down the cholesterol rabbit hole which as you know leads to dozens of other tunnels. Anyway its really interesting that literally the only change I made was cutting junk out completely and this was the result. Btw I've had 2 NMR tests, both had my particle number above 3000. My IR score was 25. They showed that have about 75% large type A LDL which are not associated with atherosclerosis. I've checked my insulin, homocysteine, hsCRP, LPa, and other markers all which have remained optimal. I lift, sprint, row and run. I eat lots of beef and lamb, low carb veggies and fruit. Conventional medicine says I'm at much higher risk for heart disease. Because I cut out sugar? Should we not paying more attention to LDL size or is it possible in an otherwise healthy individual, high LDL may not matter?

4. High Blood Pressure From Salt Consumption? [34:56] Rusty says:

My diet, exercise, and the like all need work, but I'm wondering, generally, is there a scientific way of determining if high blood pressure is from salt consumption? I know you're kind of on the supplemental end of the electrolytes, and it makes total sense for folks out there, in ketosis, and sweating... it's something I intend on doing more of.

Is there a way of actually knowing how much salt you're holding onto, so you know you need to supplement or cut back?

5. Electrolytes & Long haul flights [39:04] Karyn says:

Hello! I’m lucky enough to be traveling soon and have 2 x 15 hour flights with a 4 hour break between. I plan to stay low carb for the duration of the trip by bringing my own food, but I’m wondering how long haul flights might affect my electrolyte requirements? I currently feel best with an average of 3 LMNT packs per day - should I just maintain that or might I need more or less? Thanks so much, Karyn

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