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Sleep Eating, Eating Organs to Fix Certain Organs, Heart Palpitations, 13 Year Old Son's Keratosis Pilaris, Protein Powder / Collagen

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1. Sleep Eating [12:38]

Paul says:

Hi Robb,

Long time fan. Been using the electrolytes with great success.

I am a 35 year old, BJJ practitioner and am doing really well on a lower carb diet.

One problem though. I sleep eat: Anything and everything, in the middle of the night, every night.

Let me know if you have any ideas how to solve this, thanks,


2. Eating Organs to Fix Certain Organs [15:48]

Scotty says:

I was wondering if you have come across any study’s that have taken someone with example a heart condition, and told them to eat beaf heart (or any animal) everyday to see if it had any reaction to their condition. Or a liver disease and they ate a bunch of liver and got better? Nutrition has become overly complicated now in some circles and it seems just so simple for your body to absorb those nutrients to heal itself. Any thoughts about this? Also let me know if you do answer this on one of your podcasts please as I don’t have time to listen to everything all the time as life just seems to get busier and busier.

Thank you so much for everything you have done. You were one of the first voices I found that started my path to fixing my chronic headaches and digestive issues that I had for over 10 years. When massage, chiropractor, acupuncture, TMJ treatments, countless doctor visits all failed me, you pushed me in the right direction.

Thanks again

3. Heart Palpitations [20:23]

Bret says:

Hi, Wolf Pack! Long-time listener (since the Greg Everett days), first-time Rebel and question-asker. I remember a few podcasts ago that Nicki mentioned (in passing) having to quit coffee due to heart palpitations. I've been experience palps for about 1 year and have quit coffee multiple times, with nebulous results: Once for 2 weeks, and once for 3 weeks (no significant decrease in palps either time). Now, alongside the 7DCT and Rebel Reset, I've given up coffee PLUS alcohol (I like a little red wine - weekends only) for the last 4+ weeks, with palpitation frequency and intensity dropping but certainly not eliminated.

I'm going to keep up the quit (both coffee and alcohol) for a little while longer to see this thing through, but I'm wondering... If the quit doesn't eliminate the palps, are there any other "usual suspects" that I can bring in for questioning, i.e. other stuff to eliminate or add to my diet/lifestyle?


- Age 53; height 6' 1"; weight 170 lbs; athletic build; very happily married

- EKG and Holter monitor test results - normal; I'm thinking about an echo but they're pricey

- Strict-but-not-perfect ancestral diet for the last ~9 years (thanks Robb!)

- Active (workout 2 or 3 x / week, plus daily movement and/or mobility work)

- Excellent sleep

- Good community, but could improve

- Recently upped sodium intake since learning about electrolytes from you guys. (I'll also be starting an LMNT regimen soon).

P.S. - There might be a positional component to my palps (low-grade adult-onset POTS?), but it's difficult for me to QA/QC my own subjective symptom observations to determine that.

Any thoughts you have would be greatly appreciated!

Keep up the UBERFANTASTIC work you guys!!!


4. 13 Year Old Son's Keratosis Pilaris [26:22]

Lil says:

Hey Robb and Nikki, thanks for all of your great podcasts! I have been a follower of your work for 12+ years. My 13 year old son, Roman, has had quiet the health journey. A year and a half ago he came to me and said he wanted to "get healthier". At that time he was 5'3 and weighed 186 lbs. Both my husband and I live a primal life. We prioritize sleep, sunlight, movement, whole Paleo foods, social connection, limited screen time etc. At our home that is the norm. I am divorced from Roman's dad. Although he is aligned with our health values he did not support that in our kids. (Mostly out of convenience) When Roman was with his dad his diet mostly consisted of fast food! Roman's dad finally got on board when Roman himself showed interest in becoming healthier. We hired a Primal Health coach (we love you Amy Taft). Since working with her Roman is no longer pre-diabetic, has corrected his cholesterol issues, has grown more than 5 inches and has lost 40ish pounds. He feels great about who he is now! He has so much confidence in himself and his abilities! Such a wonderful transformation. Anyhow, since he was 5 or so he has dealt with Keratosis pilaris. We have tried AIP as dietary intervention along with many random suggestions found on-line. (Soaps, scrubs, etc) His bumps haven't gotten better with anything we have tried. The dermatologist we took him too said there isn't much to do besides heavy duty pharmaceuticals. I myself have tinkered around with carnivore. What do you think about Roman experimenting with carnivore on a short term basis? Or, do you have any other suggestions? Thank you in advance!

5. Protein Powder / Collagen [30:19]

Alyssa says:

Hi Robb and Nikki,

Thank you for all the work you do to put out quality content for the healthy rebellion radio podcast. I’ve started listening only within the last few months, and I am hooked. I appreciate your valuable insight on everything from nutrition to politics and Medicare.

I was listening to the March 4th episode and heard Robb say something about protein intake from collagen powder not “counting” toward total protein intake. I had to listen to that a few times...WHAT?! Insert “mind blown” emoji here. I did a little research and think I sort of understand why, but I’m also disappointed because collagen was my go-to protein powder for smoothies, coffee, etc. My question for you is - if collagen isn’t going to do the job, then what is the best, most bioavailable protein powder out there? I realize the protein you chew is the best kind, but I am looking to use it as a supplement to bridge the gap. There’s so much information on the interwebs, so I’m hoping you can help clarify.

I am a 34 year old female, 5’9” and 140 lbs. I teach (hard...not gentle) yoga during the week and I also do a bit of running. I’m generally pretty fit and my meals are typically paleo. I don’t have any adverse reaction to dairy - we’re cool. Since listening to your podcast, I would like to try upping my protein intake and “watch the magic happen,” as you say.



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