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Healing The Gut While Breastfeeding, Bone Broth and SIBO, Off-Gassing, BJJ Safety, Peepee and Athletes Foot

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1. Healing the gut while breastfeeding [11:29]

Kelli says:

Any recommendations for healing leaky gut and dysbiosis while breastfeeding? It seems like every protocol notes not ideal for breastfeeding (I am guessing because of potential toxin release in breastmilk). It’s a difficult crossroads - do you eat things that support breastfeeding (fruits, vegetables, some starches) even though they cause digestive issues (bloat, distention, indigestion) and possibly making the situation worse (anemia due to malabsorption, overgrowth, worsening of leaky gut), or do you eliminate and try to heal which may release toxins? What about a carnivore or GAPS style diet, is that too extreme? Wouldn’t healing the gut ultimately provide better nutrition via breastmilk to the baby and provide better gut flora? Not to mention, it’s hard to support a child when you feel so off.

2. Bone Broth and SIBO [14:52]

Suzanne says:

Hi you two!

I hope you’re both doing well, and enjoying your life down in Texas.

I have one question regarding bone broth. I think that Chris Kresser posted something on Facebook some time ago about bone broth not being something to eat if you have sibo. I can’t find the article now, but while I used to drink bone broth regularly, either as part of a meal, a base for soup, or just as a hot beverage in the morning, I’m now not sure if it’s okay for me. I had a really bad gut infection almost 8 years ago. I started my 1st Whole30 for 100 days about a month later. I lost about 35 lbs., but the weight started coming back on while eating and exercising the same way. The doctor at the time had me tested for sibo. It came back positive, and regardless of the rounds of antibiotics, or the rounds of other supplements after, I’m still testing positive. I stopped drinking bone broth a few months ago, but miss it. I always made sure I had plenty of ball jars of both beef and chicken bone broths in my freezer, but now I’m not sure. Robb, in your opinion and with all of the research you do, should I stay away from bone broth? I haven’t seen you address this before, but it certainly could be that I just missed it.

Thanks very much,


3. Off-Gassing [22:24]

Shelly says:

How much should I be concerned about off-gassing in furniture, beds/mattresses, and other household items? Is it something worth taking into account when buying new furniture and stuff?

"As with any building product, if purchasing new carpet, choose a carpet that releases fewer VOC emissions. Request that the carpet is unrolled and aired out in a well-ventilated area (a clean, dry warehouse, for example) for 72 hours before installation. If possible, have carpet installed while the space is unoccupied. Request the use of glues or adhesives that are non-toxic and low VOC. Then allow 72 hours of ventilation before inhabiting the space. Make sure the carpet can be removed later without use of toxic chemicals."

4. BJJ Safety [29:35]

John says:

Hey Robb, I regularly practice BJJ 3-4 times a week and really enjoy it. Recently I read a story about a guy named Sean Entin who apparently had a stroke after suffering a tear in his carotid artery while being choked during a BJJ practice. Looking around the web, I found a fair number of other people who appear to have suffered something similar. I asked my doctor about this and he didn't know what BJJ was and wasn't able to really tell me anything. I'm starting to wonder if getting choked over and over is unsafe. I don't want to quit but I am now very paranoid that something awful is going to happen and its getting hard to get back on the mats. I was just wondering if you had ever heard of this or had any thoughts on whether BJJ was generally safe?,37.3%20per%201000%20athlete%20exposures.

BJJ is safe. The average injury rate is 36.1 per 1000 athlete exposures and it’s the lowest in martial arts. BJJ injury rate is also slightly lower compared to more common sports like football – 37.3 per 1000 athlete exposures.

Most injuries are caused by 3 reasons:

  • Tapping too late
  • Performing a move which hurts yourself
  • Sparring with a guy you should avoid

5. Peepee and Athletes Foot [45:10]

Eric says:

hey allihoopa! (dumb and dumber famous end scene)



175 pounds



brown eyes

this morning i couldnt sleep so i woke up and got behind the keyboard when it dawned on me.. pee in a bowl and soak your toes to help get rid of your athletes foot! cuz why not? so i did.. then i decided to make it my snapchat story, (cuz why not). but then after it was too late, i decided to google if its even effective in the treatment and the first thing that comes up is esentially, no.. no it does not. i guess there isnt enough urea in peepee to make a dent. whoops! now i'm THAT guy.. i wonder though how accurate that article would be considering it was mostly referring to shower peepee. mine was in a bowl and i let it soak for like 20+ minutes. please help me to redeem myself and tell me what i did is effective in the treatment of my filthy disgusting toe jam. ps- love the podcast! been listening since episode 1, and loved both your books, AND you.. i love YOU robb


: )


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