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News topic du jour:

A Heart-Healthy Way to Eat

Aim for an overall healthful dietary pattern, the American Heart Association advises, rather than focusing on “good” or “bad” foods.

"The committee’s advice on protein foods, published during the climate talks in Glasgow, was well-timed. Choosing plant-based proteins over animal sources of protein not only has health value for consumers but can help to foster a healthier planet."

1. Sleeping and eating on a extremely variable schedule [12:35]

Jason says:


Long time listener, first time caller. I have listened to your podcasts on adjusting sleeping and eating cycles when changing shifts, as many first responders do. However, I am trying to locate resources and best practices, for a more dramatically changing schedule. I work as a locomotive engineer for a class one railroad.

Truly, I am looking for actionable things I can spread to what I believe is an underserved industry. My co-workers and I are often under rested and unprepared, which can lead to poor dietary and lifestyle choices. Our schedule is extremely unpredictable, we may work a night shift, be off for ten hours and head back in for the afternoon shift. Equally as likely to be off long enough to work another night or even the next day. Unfortunately, there is no way to tell ahead of time, as we get either two hours or one and a half hour notice before our shift begins. These shifts often end up being twelve hours long. As such, there are multiple times a week, where I may be up for over twenty-four hours. In these situations, I am unsure how to even attempt to regulate my eating or trying to sleep when I need to but am not tired.

I am forty-six year old male 5'11" 210 lbs. I lift four to five times a week, often when I am tired, and try to get some steady state cardio in daily. A live Q&A would definitely be a great addition to all the work you guys already to, I would like to add that I greatly appreciate everything you do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

2. Resistant Starch [18:19]

Cheeny says:

Worth the hype? Or is it Buck science? I love day old white rice so I’m hoping it’s got some merit to it. Thanks!

3. Plant Defenses [19:39]

wzrdpow says:

Are all plant defense mechanisms antithetical to human health or longevity? Thinking in relation to things like turmeric and sulforaphane.

4. Omicron [26:32]

Jenni says:


I'm an MPH, and this completely stumping me. Reports on omicron from the field describe it as a lingering cold with no hospitalizations-Quartz article 11/28/21 ( If that's the case, shouldn't we be happy and not locking down. It was a shift to a less catastrophic influenza that ended the last flu pandemic. We didn't vaccine flu out of existence.

I know that we don't have all the data (but seriously that's just a mantra now), but if the symptoms are "basic cold", why is WHO and Fauci (last article I read had him making another reference to "the science" and I'm seriously going to vomit) flipping out?

Thank you,


5. Is the Covid response mass formation or hypnosis? Dr. Mattias Desmet [34:00]

Joe says:

Hi Robb and Nicki, love your work, thanks for all the excellent content.

I came across a few interviews with Dr. Mattias Desmet who thinks that the response to covid can be explained by something called mass formation or mass hypnosis.

Here are a few links to some interviews with him where he discusses this: (relatively short and to the point) (more of a discussion on the topic)

(I've not listened to any other episodes from these podcasts)

A written interview:

Aubrey Marcus has done an interview with him, too, but I haven't listened to it:

Does this sound plausible? Would love to hear your thoughts on this.



Amy Peikoff discussion with Mattias Desmet - Professor of Clinical Psychology at Ghent University, Belgium:


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