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Antioxidants Post Workout - inhibit muscle growth, Hyponatremia & Hypothyroidism, Terbinafine and Dysbiosis, Low-Carb Sleep Eating, Inflammatory Papillitis

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1. Antioxidants Post Workout - inhibit muscle growth? [16:29]

Shannon says:

Hi Guys!

A little background...

I'm a 56 yr old woman, super lean and fit, whole foods keto (or LCHF - not always full keto), and do bodybuilding type weight lifting 6x/wk. I'm focused on continuing to build more muscle (especially in the booty), and also wanting to be more strict Keto because I love the mental clarity and "go-getter" optimism I have when in ketosis.

My schedule...

- I normally start my fast around 7pm

- Have my plant based pre-workout around 11am, which has 4 carbs (does this count as breaking my fast? I'm not thinking so)

- Lift at 11 or 12

- Post workout shake around noon or 1

Anyway, here's my question...

I LOVE my daily chocolate Superfood shake, and it's my main carb source other than veggies and my pre-workout, with 11 net carbs. For quite awhile, I've used it as my post-workout meal, figuring it's a good choice with a combo of 17 carbs (11 net carbs) and 17g whey protein, and I often add 1/2 scoop of another protein powder to bump the protein up a bit.

But I've read a few times now that antioxidants are not good post workout because they can inhibit muscle growth. Is this true? And if so, do you know the threshold as to what is too much?

Would you mind taking a look at this label ( and tell me if you think this would be good for a post workout shake or not due to the amount of antioxidants, vitamins, phytonutrients, and other good stuff? I do not want to inhibit any muscle gain.

And if this is not good for post workout, do you think just whey protein is okay without added carbs for post lifting? I'm almost at my carb limit between these two supplements that I want to keep, and really do not want to stop either.

Thank you so much!


2. Hyponatremia & Hypothyroidism [25:20]

Michele says:

Nicki & Robb,

After listening to you talk last week about hyponatremia, I was curious if it is related to hypothyroidism and about how electrolytes might also come into play with hypothyroidism. What does it mean when you say we "shed potassium?" When I look at conventional and functional treatments for hypothyroid, they include things like (t4) Levothyroxine SODIUM and (t3) Liothyronine SODIUM or natural combinations of those. Are they related to electrolyte sodium? What went into figuring out the combination of the magnesium, potassium and sodium that's in LMNT? Is that too many questions? Maybe you can pick whatever moves you and answer the rest somewhere in the Rebellion. Speaking of which--

I recently joined the Healthy Rebellion and look forward to participating in the next carb test and rebel reset. I missed this last time it started. I encourage everyone who has been listening to your podcasts for awhile to join the Healthy Rebellion too. It is a gi-normous wealth of information and community to invest in and empower your Self about health. I was worried that it would feel like Facebag, which I have been off of since 2008, but I. love. it. The connectedness and support I've experienced has been warm, welcoming and kind.


3. Terbinafine and Dysbiosis? [31:24]

Jakki says:

Hi Robb and Nikki,

Been listening since there were only 5, glad we weren't wrong. I really enjoy THR format. Several shows ago Nicki mentioned she took Terbinafine to get rid of a pesky toe fungus so she could more confidently show off her tooties in bjj. Her success story inspired me to try it. I have had this nasty toe fungus since high school (swim team locker room, soccer cleats in rain etc.) and now I am 5 yrs in to training bjj, pretty much the entire time have dreaded ankle lock days when my feet are so exposed. I was rx'd terbinafine by my podiatrist in January. The first thing I noticed was that the painful, red, burning, "mask rash" (I am forced to wear one at work) that I had been suffering from around my nostrils for several months cleared up right away. Additionally, my digestion improved, I lost 5 lbs, and was sleeping great. Down side was, I was craving carbs and sugar like a lunatic. I literally felt like a powerless robot, controlled by some creature in my brain forcing me to walk to the kitchen and eat all the treats--I could not stop myself! All the while-losing weight and generally feeling great... Cut to, I finished the round of treatment a little over a week ago. I immediately gained back the 5lbs, my DOMS has been UNREAL (I am only able to lift 1-2x/wk because I am so sore), I look 6 mos pregnant from the bloat by evenings, and I could nap 3-3:30pm everyday. But- the sugar cravings are completely gone. Are these things related? Did this medication have an effect on my over all biome or cause a die off or something? When I am not on the medication, I am paleo plus dairy, rice and potatoes and one cup of coffee a day. I aim for 100g protein at least. Sweeteners like honey and at the most a little dark chocolate. (But while on this drug I was paleo + ALL the SAD treats that I felt like having.) I am 35 yo mom to a 4 yr old, 5'6", currently 139 lbs. Hike or run outside 2-3x/wk, bjj 3x/wk, ride the peloton 2x/wk, weight lift 1-2x/wk. I really appreciate the work you both do, and I AM HERE FOR THE SOCIOPOLITICAL COMMENTARY too, keep it up, we need your voice. You have even inspired me to call my congressmen and senators in the past, some have even responded. Viva THR!

4. Low-Carb Sleep Eating [39:18]

Josh says:

This is a follow question to Paul's question that was on a previous podcast, it's around sleep eating.

I too suffer from this. What he is referring to is: when I am doing low carb, I have a desire/drive/ urge that wakes me up and I have to eat something. Ie..taking me out of a deep sleep.. 1-3 hours into the sleep. It is usually carbs and after I do that I can comfortably go back to sleep. I hate the insulin spike at night and it I know it's not helping my circadian rhythm. What do you think is causing this and what is a fix?

Thanks Josh

5. Inflammatory Papillitis [44:37]

Kelsey says:

Hey Robb and Nicki,

My situation is a little bit sticky,

My husband is the rhymer, I figured I'd give it a go

Hoping my question gets on your show...

Last fall I had inflammatory papillitis in my right eye

I'm asking for recommendations cuz western medicine ain't so fly.

I'm a mama of one, to add to my story,

our little girl is 14 months and takes all the glory.

Finishing nursing, getting caught up on sleep,

She rules the house, with more than a peep.

We eat a paleo diet, but consider it a lifestyle,

We might join you in Montana and live in exile.

I'll wrap this up soon, my rhyming is sad

What prevention or tips do you have, I'd be so glad.

Referring to my optic nerve

It took us on a mighty curve

Shout out to LMNT, it's really rad

Only problem is when it's gone I'm real sad.


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