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How much protein can one absorb per meal; Thru hiking, backpacking, and paleo/ketogenic diet; Keto Masterclass - Recalculate Macros; Pregnant or breastfeeding metabolic health; No issues

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1. How much protein can one absorb per meal? [20:09] Leslie says: I am a 70-year-old female. Paleo and low carb for many years. Avid podcast listener and book buyer - love all of yours! Don't want any more sarcopenia than I already have. Followed your advice and went on the Ketogains macro calculator that recommends about 100 gm protein per day. But I'm also working on lowering insulin by only eating 2 meals per day. Searching tells me that bodybuilders think they can only absorb 30 gm per meal. I eat berries, collagen, protein powder (grassfed!), goat kefir and powdered multi vitamins mixed together along with 4 oz meat and 2 eggs for breakfast around 11 am. For dinner I eat 4 oz meat with some Amy's organic soup and sometimes a salad. I am not aiming for ketosis, just low carb. I could stand to lose a few pounds, but at 5'4" and 135 at my age I am OK but would like more muscle or at least not lose any more. Should I add a third meal for some of the protein or perhaps redistribute the protein amounts? Thanks!

I do this workout about once a week, 1 hour of Zumba about 3-times per week and miscellaneous other exercises. Before Covid I did more, including some blood-flow restriction which seems to work on the same principle as the video I linked. I feel like it takes about a week for me to recover enough to want to do the video workout again. I don't do the lifting-the-bag part of the workout - my back isn't perfect. I also recently added Esther Gokhale's daily workout (1,2,3 move) and should add the associated weight workout as well. I liked Doug McGuff's concepts and have listened to the IHMC podcasts as well as Peter Attia's stuff. Like I said, I am an avid podcast listener!!

2. Thru hiking, backpacking, and paleo/ketogenic diet [25:08] Matt says: I have been following a paleo diet for 5-6 years now, and transitioned to a ketogenic approach at the beginning of this year. Since then I've been able to maintain a much lower body weight than ever before in my adult life and my endurance and fitness levels (and to a lesser degree strength levels) have been better than ever before. These past couple years I have gotten more into thru hiking and backpacking and have been planning some longer hikes and a long term goal of doing the entire appalachian trail. My question is; to your knowledge is there anyone developing programs or templates on planning long hikes primarily utilizing ketogenic and paleo foods? Everywhere you look when planning thru hikes the advice is largely the same (granola, oatmeal, instant mashed potatoes, and candy for 'energy'), but it seems obvious that 6 months on a trail requires primarily oxidative phosphorylation, and KD or paleo seems to be an obvious choice. Information on the topic seems pretty slim, especially when it comes to planning and packing for at least a weeks worth of sustenance that would be necessary when out in the wilderness. With as many ultra runners and endurance athletes beginning to tout the benefits of KD, I am wondering if there are any thru hikers doing the same thing? I don't know if you have addressed this in podcasts or blog posts in the past and I just missed it. Seems like it could be an interesting topic, and maybe another area where some thought leaders can emerge.

3. Keto Masterclass - Recalculate Macros? [28:59] Kyle says: Hello,

I'm hoping to ask a quick question about the Keto Masterclass. I'm into my fourth week and feel I'm doing relatively well. I've got a spreadsheet where I track all my food, stay on track well although I do have a Perfect Keto Whey shake for breakfast everyday. Not ideal but helpful given my vocational and avocational commitments. Four weeks in and I've lost 8 pounds and am in nutritional ketosis based on measuring blood ketones. One of the cookbooks I've picked up mentions recalculating your macros periodically. I've done that and it drops my macros slightly based on weight loss to date. Seems reasonable to me, but is this something you also recommend doing?

Thank you for your consideration.



4. Pregnant or breastfeeding metabolic health [32:57] Becky says: First off, screw any haters you get for your "salty" rants in The Healthy Rebellion Radio. More people with platforms like yours need to speak out. The hypocrisy, the nonsensical rules (bars are open but kids can't go to school), the suppression of seemingly effective CHEAP widely available prophylaxis and treatments....its all SO INFURIATING and it is so good to hear both of you question what is happening on your platform. THANK YOU. I've unfortunately had to distance myself from a few health "influencers" that I once really respected who have gotten very SJW and holier than thou this past year, so I am thrilled that I finally started listening to your podcast and seem to have found some kindred spirts. Definitely makes me want to join the Healthy Rebellion too, which brings me to my question...

I am 37, work out moderately (strength training 2-3 times a week, trail running or walking 1-2 times a week), get lots of outside time, pretty good sleep, and eat 80-20 primal (stick to whole foods, but will indulge in ice cream, white rice, or other no-nos on occasion). The primal eating with a focus on protein and fat has done wonders for my hunger and "hangry" symptoms, which used to be a constant plague (who knew that a breakfast of Cheerios, skim milk, and a banana did not a satiating meal make). However, I've always been about 20 lb overweight, and still feel the need to eat every few hours to avoid irritability, brain fog, and shakiness. This tells me I'm definitely not metabolically healthy, which is my ultimate long-term goal (although weight loss would also be nice).

However, I'm currently 6 months pregnant with my second child. I plan to breastfeed this little guy for around 2 years like I did my first, who I weaned when I was about 10 weeks pregnant. In other words, I've been either pregnant or nursing now for the last 3.5 years, pretty much ever since I discovered "Wired to Eat" and a more paleo lifestyle. Healthy pregnancy and breastfeeding are my top near-term priorities, therefore I don't think doing something like going full keto would be right for me, but I would love to start the journey towards better metabolic health. Where should I start?

And, related to the Healthy Rebellion, I'd love to join but am not sure it will be worth it in the near-term given my current maternal journey. Are there resources in THR that would apply to pregnant or breastfeeding mamas as well?



PS One of the things I've struggled with a lot through both pregnancies and breastfeeding has been a feeling of dehydration. I would have mornings where I woke up feeling hungover when not a drop of alcohol had been had the night before. I got a LMNT free sample pack about a month ago and LOVED IT. I feel such a huge difference in energy, thirst, and a lack of headaches. This is exactly the product I've been looking for since moving to the tropical island where I now live! Thank you!

5. No issues [38:02] Park says: Hey, I've been listening to a variety of podcasts over the last ten years and it's always amazing to me how many people have issues with so many foods or can't lose fat or have low testosterone, etc. Without sounding like a giant douche, I think it's time we hear that someone has no issues and everything is fine. I'm 62 and have no idea what my testosterone is or my LDL or any metric. I drink too much beer, but despite this I'm lean and my libido is humming along nicely. I've done IF for almost ten years, eat mostly paleo-ish and do compound movements three days a week. I realize it's oversimplification to assume that my protocol should work for everyone else, but damn, it's so shocking that so many people seem to struggle. When people chime in with their protocols, are they not being entirely truthful? It seems that the basics should work more often than they do.


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