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Thin Stools, Long-term Propecia Use, Berberine on Paleo, Pitting Edema, Nicotine and Caffeine

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1. Thin Stools [26:11]

Tracey says:

Hi Robb and Nicki-

I hope you and the girls are both well. I’m somewhat of a new listener, having tuned in at some point during the covid closure and am now a faithful listener. Thank you for sharing your kindness and wisdom each week.

I have a streak of celiac issues on my fathers side of the family and suspect that I have at least a sensitivity myself. I am 32 years old, and on/off the gluten free wagon. I struggle with the planning aspect and maybe more so struggle with speaking up about my intolerance in social and shared family meal settings.

I apologize if this information can be found elsewhere but I do have a lingering but embarrassing question to ask. I find that the girth of my stools vary greatly and I’m wondering if gluten is the culprit. My suspicion is that when I consume gluten, somehow my stool becomes thin (maybe the diameter of a nickel or quarter) and quite long. Other times my stool is not thin and is quite regular. I don’t know if this is a simple yes, x causes y scenario, or if it is a confirmation bias where I am looking to be correct in finding the cause when I may need to be concerned about something else.

Sorry to be the one to bring up poo! It has been concerning me and I am relieved to have found a place for this question!

Thank you,


2. Long-term Propecia use? [29:51] Brendan says: Robb & Nicki,

You guys are das bomb.

I have been taking propecia (or the generic equivalent) for about 8 years for male pattern baldness. It hasn't brought my hair back, but it seems to have slowed the progression of my hair loss to a near stop.

I eat a paleo diet, do crossfit usually twice a week, and get adequate sleep. I don't have any health issues.

I'm wondering whether you are aware of any long-term health concerns from using propecia. My doctor doesn't have any concerns, but I wonder. I would hate to be doing long-term harm to myself, just for the vanity of keeping my hair. On the other hand, I have a funky-looking head, so the shaved head look is probably not for me.

Thanks very much.


Finasteride side effects:

3. Berberine on Paleo? [32:53] Lee says: Hi Robb,

Love the podcast, long time listener first time question.

I've recently come across a supplement called berberine. The research suggests its good for clearing blood glucose by making you more insulin sensitive. Some studies go as far as to say its comparable to metformin.

My question is, given I'm on a paleo lifestyle, does berberine have a place in my diet? I'm thinking it could help clear some glucose when levels rise due to a higher protein meal and even when having sweet potatoes and bananas post training?



Metformin and berberine, two versatile drugs in treatment of common metabolic diseases

4. Pitting edema [41:01] Adam says: Hi Robb and Nicki,

I love the show, books, keto masterclass and now the rebellion online. Keep up the great work.

I was just wondering what the best way to tackle pitting edema?

Here’s the background. I’m a decently lean 36 year old male that has been eating a low carb diet for 3 years with several years of paleo before that. No underlying health conditions. No meds. Protein is on point with 170-210 g per day. I weigh 195-200lbs. I use sodium in my water (I just order lmnt after the release of grapefruit). I lift weights 3-4x per week, HIRT 1x per week, sauna 3x per week and walk a minimum of 10k per day. Edema seems worsen in the heat. Sock marks remain in my lower legs for over an hour at times. I have it in my arms as well. I have a couple varicose veins.

Any insight would be great! Thank you. Keep up the awesome work.

Management of hyponatremia

5. Nicotine and caffeine [45:38] Darwin says: I recently heard you mention a protocol that you developed for the Naval Special Warfare using caffeine and nicotine as a stimulant stack for alertness. Could you go a little deeper, or link a summary if not the protocol. I’m a night pharmacist working 7 on 7 off at a hospital then a few days on my off week. I’m 53 and not bouncing back like I did when I started this foolishness 23 years ago.


Darwin S.

50mg caffeine every 2 hrs, shift to 1-2mg nicotine within 3 hrs of sleep period.


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