189: The Most Powerful Conversation on Motherhood and Entrepreneurship with Becky Hoschek


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This episode is for all our entrepreneurs working mamas out there. We’re chatting about everything balancing a career AND motherhood and the mindset behind that elusive balance and tension. Today we’re chatting with Becky Hoschek, a life and mindset coach for faith-fueled moms called to build businesses and growing careers while raising families.

Through private 1:1 coaching and her podcast, Beyond Happy, Becky helps women get unstuck and get their lives back so that they can fully live the meaningful lives they're called to.

We asked Becky the BIGGEST questions we hear all the time and OOF she did not disappoint. She got to the heart of issues like:

“The pressure we put on ourselves as working mamas to “get back to work” immediately after having a baby”

“The mindset hacks we can utilize when it comes to balancing both motherhood AND running a business.”

She shares about how though entrepreneurship and motherhood do have unexpected ups and downs that are out of our control, there is SO much we DO have control over and talks about practical ways to actively choose the life we’re living.

PLUS she shares her thoughts on the word “busy” and the lies often associated with that phrase, especially as working mamas. Are we ACTUALLY busy? Or is it a lie we’re believing and being told?

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