191: You NEED this Episode. How to Create a Community in Our World Today with Natalie Franke


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Today’s episode is a TREAT. We have a returning guest on the show - so ya know it’s gonna be a good one. She was one of our VERY first guests when we launched this podcast in the fall of 2019. Natalie Franke. Seriously if you haven’t yet listened to her first interview (it’s episode #5) It will make you cry all the good tears and inspire the crap outta you. So go listen to that right now if you haven’t yet.

Natalie Franke Hayes is an entrepreneur, mobilization marketer, community builder, and neuroscience nerd.

As one of the founders of the Rising Tide Society, the Head of Community at HoneyBook, and author of Built to Belong, she leads tens of thousands of creatives and small business owners while fostering a spirit of community over competition around the world.

We had this incredible, insightful, beautiful-hearted woman back on the show to chat about ALL things community in our world today.

If you have ever struggled with the comparison trap or find yourself looking at friends or even other people online and feeling triggered with jealousy, discouragement, competition, or anything else then you need this episode.

Today we talk with Natalie ALL about competition in life and how it is both healthy and detrimental, how to distinguish the two, how to fight for community, how to overcome comparison, and WHY we so desperately need each other in this world around us. ESPECIALLY in this pandemic era, we’re currently facing.

We discuss everything from being friends with competitors, pursuing meaningful relationships online, ways to recognize and deal with our own insecurities and issues when we feel jealous of someone else’s success, and SO much more.

Seriously, if you’re ready to be given a BOATLOAD of powerful truth that will change your life, you need to keep listening. Natalie communicates with so much power and simplicity that you’ll be either crying or screaming “YESSS” this entire episode. And we promise, your life will be changed after listening to this and implementing what Natalie shares.

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