195: The Instagram Tips You Need to Propel Your Business with Jasmine Star


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If you struggle with social media marketing, your mindset around creating content, knowing how to reach your ideal audience online, you NEED this episode. Today we have the honor of talking to the social media marketing guru herself, Jasmine Star.

Today Jasmine is going to break down many mindset barriers you have when it comes to social media and Instagram marketing as a whole. We discuss social media overwhelm, feeling like you have to create content 24/7, the biggest mistakes she sees entrepreneurs making on social media, and burnout and getting into creative ruts. We then deep-dived into discussing the announcement that rocked Instagram earlier this year when the CEO of Instagram Adam Mosseri said that “Instagram is no longer a photo-sharing app.” Jasmine spits some FIRE about that announcement, her thoughts on it, and how we as business owners should approach the app moving forward - hint: her answer might shock you. Get ready for it. Jasmine gave us some INCREDIBLE tips for creating video content on Instagram, including Reels and her thoughts are on captions for Reels, AND whether or not you should include influencer style personal content on your business account.

You’re going to leave this episode feeling energized and ready to go kick some social media marketing BUTT after you hear what Jasmine has to say.

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