198: How to Find Healing in the Midst of Grief with Ashley Lemieux


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We are THRILLED to be bringing you a powerhouse of a guest for an overwhelmingly good conversation. Today, we have the privilege of talking with Ashley LeMieux.

If you’ve ever experienced heartache or grief in your life, YOU NEED THIS EPISODE. Ashley shares her story of walking through unfathomable loss, grief, and heartache. With unbelievable candor and vulnerability, Ashley walks us through her thoughts on walking through healing amid grief, the guilt of experiencing joy during that process, and the difference between a healthy healing mindset and toxic positivity. She then goes step by step through her Clarity Mapping Tool that she developed to help herself heal and walk into freedom, the power of spoken affirmations and a handful of her own that she uses daily, as well as a list of 5 daily questions that she asks herself every morning to propel her into growth and healing.

If you (or someone you know) are walking through loss or grief, or you want to know how to understand or come alongside someone who is you need this episode. Also please share this with anyone you know who is walking through grief and looking for resources to help them navigate loss, healing, and finding hope again.

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