204: Ready for Your Life to be Changed Forever? Finding Your Calling with Juli Bevere


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Today we’re stepping up to the mic with Julie Bevere from Sons and Daughters to talk all about finding your calling in life.

Juli is a co-founder of SonsAndDaughters, ​​a collective of young adults, helping this generation discover the adventure, freedom, and purpose found in our creator.

Juli and Sons and Daughters as a whole desire to see the sons and daughters of God rise to their potential so that their impact reverberates long after their final breath. They have a community of resources, vlogs, a podcast, and most recently, their book I Am.

Today we talked with Juli about calling and identity. If you’ve ever struggled with knowing if you’re doing the right thing in life, falling into the pit of comparison, or knowing WHO you are in life… this episode is about to rock your world. Juli leads us in such a powerful conversation of navigating finding your identity as a Son or Daughter of God and how that leads to finding your calling in life. From there, we discussed the difference between vocation and calling, how to navigate the secular vs sacred divide, what your calling is NOT, and so much more. It’s such a powerful episode that has the potential to change your life forever so DO NOT skip this episode.

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