207: Exhausted (Of Everything?) Listen To This.


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We have a question for you: are you feeling completely and utterly drained? If you clicked on this episode, we’re guessing you probably are, and you are in the right place! We know the last couple of years have been crazy (to say the least) and there seems to be an epidemic of exhaustion and burnout happening in SO many people.

First and foremost, you are NOT alone. Secondly, this won’t last forever. This isn’t your new reality. As hard as it may be to see it right now, there’s an end to this feeling of hopelessness and exhaustion. We’re here on today’s episode to share our hearts and thoughts with you on burnout, exhaustion, and overwhelm. This is a mix of encouragement, a pep talk, and a few strategic tools that have helped us overcome your exact feeling. We hope this episode encourages you, gives you hope, and floods you with inspiration and resources to fight your burnout.

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