3 and Out - Browns Still Off; Steelers' Fitzpatrick Reach; Mahomes/Steph Curry Comp; Old QB Cliff; Julio's Outlier Deal; Week 2 Notes


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In this episode, Middlekauff looks at the Browns' lackluster MNF win over the Jets, why it's clear that Freddie Kitchens is a liability, why the Steelers' trading a 1st rounder for DB Minkah Fitzpatrick to Miami could backfire big-time, why the Patrick Mahomes/Steph Curry comparison is more accurate than ever, why Brees and Big Ben getting injured is the norm compared to Brady, why Julio Jones' new deal won't set a trend for more NBA type deals, his notes from Week 2, and answers listener questions in Middlekauff's Mailbag. Follow John on twitter @JohnMiddlekauff and go to theherdnow.com to find the latest content. Subscribe now!

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