How this Couple Paid Off Half of their $125,000 Debt in 1.5 Years


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On this segment of “In the Middle,” we’re here with Elsie and Von - a couple that started off with almost $125,000 of debt and, within a year and a half, have cut down their debt to $58,000.

They’re a couple with three kids, two properties, and a plethora of past challenges who are in the middle of tackling their debt on their journey towards debt freedom.


  • The importance of communication and teamwork for couples
  • The difference between regular and student loans
  • How to get your spouse on board with paying off debt
  • How to work through grief and challenges in a partnership
  • Prioritizing mental health before addressing financial changes
  • Talking to friends and family about debt journeys
  • Making small changes to save money
  • How to stay accountable and motivated


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