The Psychology Behind Successful Investing with Daniel Crosby


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There are plenty of courses that teach you how to “run the numbers” when it comes to picking stocks on Wall Street, but there are very few people talking about the two most essential factors behind those numbers, discipline, and behavior.

This is why Dr. Crosby and the His & Her Money tackle the issue of your brain and investing. The more you know about your mindset and behavior toward money is a powerful skill that will return a nice profit to your wallet.


  • Passing on financial literacy to the next generation
  • Helping the next generation start investing- -and why they should start early
  • Why is investing in Wall Street so complicated?
  • Why investing is great for fund managers, but no so great for the average individual investor
  • What kind of investments should we be looking at?
  • Why expenses are very important in investing
  • How to diversity your portfolio...and why it should be a global
  • How to deal with psychological roadblocks that keep you from investing
  • Why you should invest in more than stock (aka yourself)


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