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Hello everyone and welcome back! Today we have Emily from the Untaming Podcast joining us. She is a Homeschool Mama to 2, carries a degree in psychology, is a world traveler, and seeks to prioritize the biological, evolutionary, and physiological needs of children through the process of Rewilding. Emily has traveled to 46 countries, and currently resides in New Zealand. She has lived off grid with her family in Portugal in a home completely rebuilt by her husband. She has been an international classroom teacher, a live in and live out nanny, and a mental health support worker for teenagers and adults.
Our discussion spanned from her and her husband's travels across Europe, what Rewilding is and what it looks like with her family, and how life experiences supersede the pursuit of money and material goods.
We truly enjoyed this conversation with Emily. She was open and honest about her life which we truly appreciate.
So grab a seat and join us as we discuss one family's mission to Rewild the Child.
We hope you enjoy!
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As always, let's Light A Fire They Can't Put Out
Thank you for listening!
Show Notes
You can find Emily on her Instagram and Facebook account under: untaming_podcast

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