E54: Homesteading and Homeschooling / Off-Grid Living with Farm to Table Mama


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Today we spoke with Brittany, the creator of Farm to Table Mama and the YouTube channel, Honey I'm Homestead. Her and her family have spent the last five years learning to grow their own food and be self sufficient. They sold their home, payed off debt, left corporate America, and are now building a new off-grid homestead from the ground up! They are currently living in their camper on 9 acres while they build their new home. For the time being they are without a water source or electricity. This is their story of making the decision to change their family's future and to raise and educate their children as they see fit.
We hope you enjoy this inspiring conversation as much as we did! Grab a seat and join us as we discuss one family's mission to living out their dream, despite the hardships and sacrifices that come with it.
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Show Notes
You can find Brittany on:
YouTube- Honey I'm Homestead
Instagram- Farm to Table Mama

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