HS 111: How a Homeschool Mom Can Worry Less and Do More


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Most days I feel like my brain is a sieve. Can anyone else relate? It is full, absolutely full to the brim, and I am hustling like crazy to plug all the little holes and keep everything from running out of it.

Remember to pay the bills.

Remember to make the dental appointment (I have a referral for my son to get a tooth pulled. It is dated 2-5-18 and that appointment is still not made.)

Remember to give the dogs their heartworm medication.

Switch the laundry before it sours. Stir the chili before it burns. Read to the kids before they grow up and leave forever. *sniff*

So when I say that I take the time to sit and plan my out my homeschool year (yes, the entire year) in the summer, I am not saying that to brag or show my superior organizing skills.

Yes, I admit to being a checklist mom, but honestly, I do this because it is the only thing that saves my sanity during the school year.

Without a plan, school would simply not get done. And that’s not a good thing when homeschooling is how you educate your children.

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