HFHQ 188: You’re asking the WRONG questions…


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Episode 188: Show Notes

I recently spoke at an investment club in San Diego.

I showed up at the event…

…talked a little bit about my background…

…and then said, “Ask me anything.”

For the next hour and a half, I opened up the room for questions.

And the very first question I got was… interesting.

It’s wasn’t a bad question…

But it was the WRONG question.

(I’ll explain what I mean in a minute.)

It hit me right then and there…

EVERYONE is asking the wrong questions.

If you’re asking the wrong questions, you’re flat-out NOT going to succeed in the house flipping business (or in any business, really).

So I want to share the recording of this event with you.

I’m breaking it into two parts (it’s long, ha ha)…

…and on today’s episode of the House Flipping HQ Podcast, we’re going to dive into the first half.

Let me show you what I mean about asking the “wrong” questions…

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