HFHQ 202: 23 people in this group did $1,000,000 last year…


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Episode 202: Show Notes

Next week, something big is happening…

The top house flippers and wholesalers in the nation are heading down to Pensacola, Florida, for the first 7 Figure Flipping mastermind meeting of 2018.

(Can’t wait… this group is like family to me!)

Last year, 23 members of this group reached the $1,000,000 mark in their business.

And that’s with systematizing their flipping and wholesaling operations, working fewer hours, and getting to spend more time with their families.

So what’s going to happen next week?

Well, each of these high level investors is going to be sharing what’s working for them, where they’re struggling, and learning from each other…

…and we’re going to kick off another year of MASSIVE business growth for our members.

If you think you’re ready for this…

…then today is your LAST DAY to join the group (click here).

At the beginning of this week, there were 4 spots open in 7 Figure Flipping.

Now there are 2 spots.

If you want to get into 7FF and make it to this meeting…

…you need to get your application in today.

Stop what you’re doing right now and apply (it takes 20 seconds).

The mentoring, accountability, and masterminding in this group is literally the difference between doing a few flips a year versus having a million dollar business.

So I’m putting it out there.

If you want to be one of the ones who gets to $1,000,000 this year, let’s get you in now and get you to Florida next week.

Click below to submit an application to join 7FF…

CLICK HERE to Apply to Join 7 Figure Flipping (2 Spots Left) >>

If you aren’t ready for 7 Figure Flipping yet, that’s okay.

Our goal at House Flipping HQ is to get you there.

So if you know this is the level you want to be at…

…go ahead and fill out a quick application for mentoring (click here). We’ll reach out to you and get you in the mentoring / training group that’s right for you where you are and help you start ramping things up!

Until next time…

Catch you on the flip side!

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