HFHQ 208: From 1 deal to $800k in just 1 year (here’s how this couple did it)…


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Episode 208: Show Notes

Just 2 years ago, Arianne and Chris flipped 1 house.

They kind of got into it by accident. They had bought a rental…

…but it wasn’t livable.

And after fixing it up, they decided to sell it.

That got them started down the path of flipping.

So they joined House Flipping Formula.

A year later, they flipped 50 houses and made $800,000.

This year, their goal is to do $1.5 million.

And all of this despite the fact that Arianne never expected to earn more than $5 dollars an hour in her life (you’ll see what I mean)…

Check out their story of how they did it…

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The doors to House Flipping Formula are officially open! We open the doors once or twice per year for just a few days… so if you want to do what Arianne and Chris did, go grab your spot in HFF now (click here). See you on the inside!

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