HFHQ 214: Are you stuck in the “stone age?” Most house flippers are…


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Episode 214: Show Notes

Look, I get it.

Flipping houses isn’t easy. It never was easy, and it’s never going to be easy.

It will always be competitive.

The things that worked 10 years ago… 5 years ago… 3 years ago… aren’t going to keep working forever.

If you want to last in this business…

…you have to be able to adapt.

I know people who used to flip houses a few years ago but don’t anymore, because they decided it was getting too hard, too competitive.

But I meet people all the time who started flipping houses just a few years ago, around that same time, and they’re now making $400,000+ or more per year.

What’s the difference?

The people who quit didn’t adapt.

They didn’t follow the cheese.

They stayed in the “stone age.”

And here’s the thing… the “stone age” is exactly where most house flippers are, right now.

That’s a big problem.

And that’s what I’m digging into in this episode…

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