The rise of co-living - and how it’s transforming urban housing and community - with Brad Hargreaves(Common, ex General Assembly)


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In this episode, we talk about the phenomenon of co-living, and how it's changing urban housing and community. We go behind the scenes of the tremendous growth of the co-living company Common. My guest today is Brad Hargreaves, the CEO and founder of Common and co-founder of General Assembly. Brad was separately recommended by two of the guests on How Things Grow - Jay Weintraub and Adam Lovallo. The more I researched Brad, the more fascinated I was by everything he’s done in a wild variety of industries. Brad is perhaps among the very few people I’ve spoken to who’ve grown digital businesses as well as non-digital ones - and this is why I was keen on having him on the show. I certainly learnt a ton from his unique outlook on business & life. We talk about Brad’s early beginnings in gaming to his experiences running a furniture business to challenges growing General Assembly to his current business that is changing the housing and rental industry. I’m particularly fascinated by Brad’s thinking around Common, Brad's co-living business that recently raised a $40 million round of funding. We dive into how he thinks about growing a business that’s firmly rooted in the offline world. I particularly love how he thinks about the 'real' world and the digital space as seamless experiences that influence each other - and how this worldview has indeed helped Common and co-living grow dramatically. This episode gives you a peek into an emerging yet dramatically growing real world phenomenon - and I'm excited to bring this to you today.
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