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... you’re going to find out how to cook differently using an innovative kitchen appliance, Brava, that’s got some cool features that will get you excited about making your meals at home—always a good idea!

First—what Brava is not. The Brava countertop cooking oven isn’t a microwave, isn’t a toaster oven, and isn’t a convection oven.

Instead, it’s a device that cooks with light. Six lamps deliver exact, variable, infrared light waves to your food. Brava synchronizes and controls the amount of power each lamp emits. Simultaneously, the lamps instantly reach full power and turn off just as quickly, creating three independent cooking zones inside the chamber.

The top five benefits of this cooking method include: Searing (great for your grass-fed steaks), precision, versatility, speed and quality. Brava also cooks up to three different ingredients at the same time. You can air fry, dehydrate and cook your favorite white rice in it (Bulletproof Diet approved). It’s user- and kid-friendly, so your whole family can be part of a lifestyle that prioritizes food that nourishes your body and ups your energy.

Brava’s vice president and professional chef, Travis Rea, led the Brava Culinary Team in developing Brava's patented Pure Light Technology (physicists and mathematicians were in on it, too). He’s on the show to explain the technology behind Brava and how cooking with light will change your entire approach to food.

Travis earned a degree in Culinary Arts at the California Culinary Academy. Prior to Brava, he headed the Food Development team at Williams-Sonoma for eight years where he developed nearly 800 private label food products. His experience also includes leadership roles at Revolution Foods and NatureBox. So, he knows the many facets of creating great food.

Brava takes out the guesswork of meal planning by offering over 7,000 fully automated recipe programs. This means you can enjoy cooking more because it takes less of your time.

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